Hiking – Cardada – Cima Della Trosa – Mergoscia

You can reach the Cardada scenic viewpoint in five minutes by cable car. From there, you will arrive at the valley station for the chairlift, where the ascent to Cimetta begins. At the top, at 1670 m above sea level, you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the Magadino plain, the mountains, and the numerous Alpine peaks. On a comfortable, evenly ascending path, you can continue to the Cima della Trosa. The trail then follows the sunny slope of the Mergoscia valley along the Alpe di Bietri down to the beautiful village of Mergoscia in the Verzasca valley. A descent of almost 3 h with a height difference of over 1100 m. Mergoscia owes its fame to the beautiful church dedicated to Saint Gottardo and Saint Carpoforo. From Mergoscia, you can easily return to Locarno by bus. The entire hike takes just under 5 h. The best time is from May to October.